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How To Keep Your Yacht IT Running Smoothly
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Yacht IT
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Here is a list of our services you can book
  Network Expert 1 Day
  Network Expert Hourly
  Kerio Expert 1 Day
  Kerio Expert Hourly
  Server Expert 1 Day
  Server Expert Hourly
Completed Global IT Projects, Corporate, Superyacht and BBJ's
Around the World
Of Experience
The Best Service
Let NitorComms help you with your next project, refit or service.  Here is a small list of our expertise
  • Cisco Experts
  • Kerio Firewall Professionals
  • PC/Server Specialists
We're a team of engineers who have been designing and developing IT networks using Cisco Technology for over 25 years. Delivering projects using best practice, providing support services for every yachts need and offering the best value in the market.Your success is at the core of everything we do.
Helping Your
With over 25 Years experience, IT Certifications and numerous projects, we can help you deliver the service you want for your yacht and for your guests.
Here are just a few reasons you should hire our services to help you

Reason One

Technology Focused Business with a Cisco CCIE as its Managing Director

Reason Two

Professional Engineers with IT Certifications

Reason Three

25 Years of Service and Project Delivery  on some of the worlds biggest and best built yachts

Reason Four

 Solutions and Support for all yacht types, 8x5 or 24x7 options. 
Need A Solution?
Are you about to go into a service period ? Do you need a review on your current implementation ? Do you know if your IT equipment is End Of Life or Support ? We can help you, just contact us - click the Get Started Now Button
Our Services
Professional Services - We Are Cisco, Kerio, Sophos And Microsoft Experts
Remote IT Support
Our engineers are Cisco, Kerio and Microsoft Certified. All we need is a remote connection and we can help you with any situation. We offer 8x5 and 24x7 services.
Onsite Support
We work with some of the worlds largest yachts but we also work with many other yachts, so we are familiar with Yacht Work Etiquette . Our engineers are attentive to the surroundings as well as client confidentiality. You can trust us to deliver a service and comply with any NDA.
Project Delivery
Our engineers are focused on helping you making your IT and AV project a success, helping you overcome every step and challenge faced during refits or new builds. We are focused on delivering IT and AV projects on time and on budget, so that you can focus on building the Yacht or managing the refit.
Product Supply
At NitorComms, we can help you with all your IT procurement. From new to official vendor refurbished equipment to help reduce costs.
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  Phone: +44 2393-063120
  Email: info@nitorcomms.com
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